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"How to Make Your Slams"

"Find the Best Defense"

"Infinitely BETTER and EASIER Than NMF"

"The Joy of End Plays"

"How to Defeat their Part Score"

"Everything You Need To Know About 2C Auctions"
"Good Splits and Bad Splits"

"Timing is Everything on Defense"

"Advancing Partner's Takeout Double"

"Your Most Important Suit: Trump"

"How To Defeat 4 Of A Major"

"How to Survive an Enemy Preempt"

"Timing is Everything -- Declarer"

"Good Judgment In Third Seat"

"Do You Really Know When To Open 1NT?"

"Make the Most of Your Entries"

"Make The Most Of Your Preempts"

"Responder's Rebid - The Key To The Auction"
Also available:

"How to Play 3NT"

"What you Must Know about Jacoby 2NT"

"Roman Key Card Blackwood"

"Drawing Trump: All, Some, or None?"

"How to Compete After Your RHO Doubles"

"Effective Overcalls"    

"To Finesse or Not to Finesse"


Marty, this is absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It's like having private lessons - maybe better. The ability to hear you think out loud - explaining every conceivable play / bid covers all skill levels.

And, as I told Howard, the software covers every possible need of the student - go back, skip ahead, and then the best of all to actually play the hand as you recommended to lock in the lesson learned.

I'm frankly speechless.  You two have a winner here !  And, will make any dedicated student a winner as well. 

 -- Jill D.


 "The RKC explanations in the 16 example hands were terrific... it has cleared up the convention for me.  I found the audio extremely helpful. It made all the difference. It was like having a private lesson with you at a fraction of the price. It is a very good deal!"


"After receiving your new booklets, I wanted to express to you how overwhelmed I was by your production and presentation. They are absolutely the best designed bridge presentation that I have ever seen..."


The latest booklets in Marty's acclaimed series!


37.  Draw Trump or Not?

38.  Open 2C? plus much more

39.  Timing is Everything

40.  Improve Your Bidding Judgment


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Announcing Marty's Defense Boot Camp Seminar at the Mandel JCC Bridge Club, Palm Beach Gardens FL

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Classes with Marty beginning Jan. 2016


Announcing Marty's Seminar at the Vero Beach Bridge Center -   Better Rebidding with Bergen - Feb 9, 2016

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Marty was voted the 22nd most influential person in the history of bridge!

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