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One of my students sent in a reference to a book (not written by me, but including some of my bidding theory):



Audio Visual Voice Lessons

Marty, this is absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It's like having private lessons - maybe better. The ability to hear you think out loud - explaining every conceivable play / bid covers all skill levels.

And, as I told Howard, the software covers every possible need of the student - go back, skip ahead, and then the best of all to actually play the hand as you recommended to lock in the lesson learned.

I'm frankly speechless.
You two have a winner here !
And, will make any dedicated student a winner as well.  -- Jill D.

"How to Find the Best Opening Lead"

"How to Make More Overtricks"

"The Signal That Is Essential For Good Defense (Suit Preference)"

"Marty Bergen's Secrets of Winning Bridge"

"Make the Most of your Intermediate Cards"

"Guaranteed to Improve your Signals"

"How to Improve Your Results at Duplicate Bridge"

"How's Your Declarer Play?"

"How's Your Defense?"

"Improve Your Bidding Judgment (as Opener)"

"How to How to Play a Part-Score"

"How to Defeat NT Contracts"

"Good 2/1 GF Bidding - Part 2"

 "How To Play 4 Of A Major"

 "Plan Well, Defend Well (NT)"

  "How to Greatly Improve your 2/1 GF Bidding"

  "Plan Well, Declare Well (Suit Contracts)"

  "Counting on Defense"

  "Secrets of Accurate Hand Evaluation"

  "Find the Best Line of Play"

  "Sharpen Your Defense"

  "A GREAT Time to Bid"

  "Active Vs. Passive Defense?"

  "What You Need To Know About Sacrificing"

  "How to Make Your Slams"

   "Find the Best Defense"

   "Infinitely BETTER and EASIER Than NMF"

   "The Joy of End Plays"

  "How to Defeat their Part Score"

   "Everything You Need To Know About 2C Auctions"

  "Good Splits and Bad Splits"

   "Timing is Everything on Defense"

  "Advancing Partner's Takeout Double"

  "Your Most Important Suit: Trump"

   "How To Defeat 4 Of A Major"

   "How to Survive an Enemy Preempt"

   "Timing is Everything -- Declarer"

   "Good Judgment In Third Seat"

   "Do You Really Know When To Open 1NT?"

   "Make the Most of Your Entries"

   "Make The Most Of Your Preempts"

    "Responder's Rebid - The Key To The Auction"

    "How to Play 3NT"

    "What you Must Know about Jacoby 2NT"

    "Roman Key Card Blackwood"

    "Drawing Trump: All, Some, or None?"

    "How to Compete After Your RHO Doubles"

    "Effective Overcalls"

    "To Finesse or Not to Finesse"

Marty now delivers his lessons in an interesting new audio visual format.   These lessons are available at a time convenient to you, rather than on a fixed schedule.  We are very excited about this format, and students have found that it makes the lessons even more interesting and useful.

Using your web browser, you can hear an oral lesson while simultaneously viewing the cards.

Use the following link to order the lesson:

You can also use this link to view a free demonstration lesson.

Our audio visual format significantly enhances your learning experience:

The combination of voice and visual effects makes it easier to
understand what Marty is teaching.
The lesson is interactive, so students "learn by doing."
You can proceed at your own pace.
You can play and replay all or some of the lesson whenever you choose as many times as you like.
The lesson includes a written transcript for you to study.
The lesson contains more material than Marty's previous online lessons.
The lesson is designed to work on most popular computers and browsers, including Windows, Mac, and iPad.


The price for the lesson is $25.

You also have the option of ordering just the transcript for $20.
(Because this option includes only the transcript and no voice or
interactive features, we don't recommend this.)


Here is a link to a detailed explanation of how the lessons work.


Online Group Lessons These are 100-minute lessons on a single topic.  If you missed the previous online lessons, you can still get the transcript, FAQ, and Bergenisms guidelines for each topic for $20 per lesson:

       2011 November - Improve Your Slam Bidding With Control-Bids

         ♠ September - How to Compete Over 1NT (Theirs and Yours) - Part 2

         ♥  July - How to Succeed in a Partscore

         ♦ May: How To Compete Over 1NT (Theirs and Yours) - Part 1

       ♣ March: Improve Your Competitive Bidding with "The LAW"

         ♠ January: Make Your Slams More Often

         ♥ 2010 November:  What you MUST Know about 1NT Forcing

       September: What you MUST Know about 2/1 Game Forcing

       ♣ August: Squeezes and Endplays

       ♠ July: What you Must Know about Negative Doubles

         ♥  June: Bergen on Bergen Raises

         ♦ May:  Free Demo Lesson: Sharpen Your Declarer Play

         ♣ April: Learn to Make the Best Rebid

       March: How to Create Trump Tricks on Defense

         ♥  February: What you Must Know about Balancing

         ♦ January: How to Declare a Suit Contract

          2009 December: What Everyone Must Know about Competitive Bidding

         ♠  November: How to Find the Best Opening Lead

         ♥ October: Secrets of Better Hand Evaluation

     ♦ September:  Declarer Play

         July:  What to do Over a Preempt



Classes and lectures that are open to the public.   Usually 4 topics covered in-depth over two 1/2-day sessions.   Shorter lectures, e.g., 1-1/2 hours, are also popular.  1 or 2 sessions per day, or 1/2 day sessions, for one or more days.  Topics, teaching materials, and level of instruction are geared to your audience.  Can include supervised play if desired.