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Cover Publication Title
Slam Bidding Made Easier ($24.95 Hardcover)

    (and note companion workbook below in Softcover section)

More Declarer Play the Bergen Way ($18.95 Hardcover)
Declarer Play the Bergen Way ($18.95 Hardcover)
Bergen For the Defense ($18.95 Hardcover)
POINTS SCHMOINTS! ($19.95 Hardcover)
More POINTS SCHMOINTS! ($19.95 Hardcover)
Marty Sez... ($17.95 Hardcover)
Volume 2 Marty Sez ($17.95 Hardcover)
Volume 3 Marty Sez ($17.95 Hardcover)
Schlemiel ... Schlimazel? Mensch (SSM) ($14.95 Hardcover)
Better Slam Bidding with Bergen ($9.95 Softcover)
Bergen's Best Bridge Tips ($8.00 Softcover)
Bergen's Best Bridge Quizzes - Volume 1 ($7.95 Softcover)
To Open or Not to Open ($6.95 Softcover)
Better Rebidding with Bergen ($7.95 Softcover)
Hand Evaluation: Points Schmoints ($9.95 Softcover)
Better Bidding the Bergen Way - Understanding 1NT Forcing ($5.95 Softcover)
Negative Doubles ($10.95 Softcover)
Introduction to Negative Doubles ($8.95 Softcover)